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Improve Your Scholarly Presence

by on July 27, 2021 10:00 am
How do you manage your scholarly presence? Join Lane Library‚Äôs Research Impact Challenge to learn about simple steps you can take to increase the impact of your research. As a scholar, you will likely be asked to make statements about the impact of your work for purposes ranging from funding, assessment, promotion, to accountability. The… Read more Improve Your Scholarly Presence
Blue background with DNA graphics with the text "NCBI Login Changes" and a screenshot of 3rd party login options

NCBI Account Login Changes

by on July 23, 2021 3:19 pm
Do you log in to NCBI to use PubMed MyNCBI, SciENcv, or MyBibliography? Do you submit data to NCBI?  There are new changes to the NCBI login. Instead of using local account passwords (the password you created at NCBI), you will now need to use a linked account that is managed by a 3rd-party login… Read more NCBI Account Login Changes