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Read and Publish Case Reports through BMJ Case Reports

Lane Library’s new subscription to BMJ Case Reports provides access to peer-reviewed case reports to allow healthcare professionals, researchers, and students access to clinically important information in a timely manner. Through this subscription, members of the Stanford community are eligible for fellowship and may submit case reports for publication at no additional charge*.  

About BMJ Case Reports

BMJ Case Reports is a collection of case reports in all disciplines covering both common and rare diseases. Cases are submitted from across the globe and content is peer-reviewed and copy-edited. Browse cases by specialty, latest content, most read, videos, or images. 

Lane Library’s subscription to BMJ Case Reports offers Institutional Fellowship to faculty, staff, and students at Stanford. Fellows can take advantage of the following benefits: 

  • Submit unlimited case reports without author charges
  • Quick peer review and publication
  • International recognition and publicity for cases
  • Access thousands of published case reports from around the world, including common and rare clinical scenarios
  • Reuse published material for personal use and for teaching
  • Rate and comment on cases via letters and blogs

Getting Started

First time authors must register by selecting “Create An Account” on the BMJ Case Reports site and using their Stanford email in the registration process. 

To submit a case report, visit BMJ Case Reports click on “Submit a case report” and Log In

Then select “Start New Submission” under the Author tab and select “Begin Submission”. 

Templates for full case reports, global health case reports, and images/videos are provided to assist in creating your submission. During the submission process you will be asked to enter a fellowship code to indicate that your institution has access to BMJ Case Reports. Lane Library’s fellowship code is: 839369 

Detailed instructions for submission can be found in the User Guide

*If interested, all authors can opt to publish their manuscript open access for an additional fee which is payable after acceptance. 

8 Quick Tips for Getting Published in BMJ Case Reports: 

  1. Know what the editors are looking for
  2. Review the author instructions to learn about the submission and peer review processes
  3. Explore published cases to get a feel for a well presented case report
  4. Follow the templates provided and include a signed patient consent form
  5. Read the comprehensive step-by-step guide to writing and publishing an interesting case report
  6. Ask your senior colleagues for feedback on your draft
  7. Visit the BMJ Author Hub for additional tips on getting your work published

View the step-by-step User Guide to using the submission system

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