Images of male and female pelvic skeleton, female pelvic organs, and female torso in Complete Anatomy

New Female Model Available in Complete Anatomy

You can now access a full female model in Complete Anatomy and easily switch between male and female models for a more inclusive understanding of anatomy.

After four years of research and development, Complete Anatomy released a full female model with equal levels of accuracy and detail as the traditional male model. As students, educators, and clinicians, you now have the power to choose a female or male model as your default in Complete Anatomy. This option disrupts the gender bias and the current assumption that the male body is the anatomical norm in anatomy education. The new female model also makes comparative anatomy more accessible.

Major changes with the female model include:

  • Equal representation of skeletal differences
  • Accurate depiction of female fibers, tendons, and musculature
  • New perspectives of female-specific regions

You can easily toggle between female and male models with a long press of the Models Button. This feature allows for comparative anatomy across all body systems.

Learn more about these changes on the Complete Anatomy blog and watch this female model introduction video to see the model in action:

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