Celebrating Diversity & Promoting Antiracism

Stanford Medicine is celebrating Diversity Week October 5th-9th with a week of programming and events. Lane Library is joining in with events and curated resources devoted to diversity.

Participate in Diversity Week by registering for one of our events or exploring our curated diversity resources:

Take our PubMed, Power & Privilege class
October 8th, 11:00 am

We often think of search interfaces and systems as neutral, but they exist within power structures and reproduce biases. In this class, we will explore the underlying systems that influence what type of information is available in PubMed and how we access it. You will learn how to describe and critique the academic publishing model in the context of power and privilege and recognize how structural racism and other forms of oppression are built into PubMed searches.

Visit our online exhibits and register for Exploring Histories of Diversity at Stanford Medicine
October 14th, 11:00 am

New online exhibits at Lane Library highlight the stories of two nineteenth-century graduates of Cooper Medical College, the school that became Stanford Medicine.

Adelaide Brown was one of the first women to graduate from the school. Iga Mori was one of the school’s first Asian graduates. Both of them went on to careers in medicine and public health that demonstrate obstacles they faced as well as their resilience and activism.

Dr. Drew Bourn, Historical Curator at the Medical History Center in Lane Library, will discuss these exhibits, as well as resources at Lane Library for exploring the ways that the history of Stanford Medicine is tied to larger histories about race, immigration, gender, and sexuality.

Browse the Multicultural Health Guide

This guide is a curated collection of databases, journals, books, and other resources devoted to diversity in healthcare. It includes resources on medical racism, health disparities, LGBTQ+ health, and more.

Access the D-CORE Lending Collection

Thanks to a generous donation, the D-CORE Lending Collection was established in September with 150 books.  The Office of Graduate Education purchased the materials from Marcus Books, a Black-owned bookstore in Oakland.  The books are currently being made ready to check out with our new contactless pickup service. In the meantime, over fifty of the books are available digitally in Lane Search for immediate checkout. 

Explore the Antiracism Book Club readings and videos

The materials were curated by Suzette Shipp and Colleen Cuddy for our summer media-based discussion group. Though the book club meetings have wrapped up, the conversation continues on the Slack channel

Our commitment to diversity is ongoing, and Lane Library will continue to provide access to diversity health resources and learning opportunities. 

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