Meet Your Lane Library Staff: Chris Stave

Portrait of Chris Stave, Graduate Medical Education Librarian with text: "Every week this October, meet the people who make the Library work!"

For National Medical Librarians Month, we are spotlighting a few of the amazing members of our library staff. This week meet Chris Stave, our Graduate Medical Education Librarian.

What do you do at the library?

As Lane’s Graduate Medical Education Librarian, much of my work focuses on supporting the educational and research efforts of our residents and clinical fellows. I’m also the department liaison for Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Primary Care and Population Medicine (among others). When I’m not teaching a class, or preparing to teach a class, I’m probably engaged in typical librarian activities; e.g., lit searching, reference question answering, etc.  

What do you like best about the people who use Lane Library?

I appreciate the fact that so many of our users truly appreciate and respect us and the work we do. One example: for complex literature review projects, clinical faculty generally see us as valued collaborators deserving, in most cases, of co-authorship.  

What is the most rewarding (or favorite) part of your job?

A successful teaching session! That is, a class where the course content has an immediate and obvious positive impact on the learners. I also really enjoy working one-on-one with our clinical researchers and hearing about the various fascinating projects they’re working on.

What do you do in your spare time?

My biggest hobby is gardening, no question. I also enjoy playing the piano although I need to practice much more diligently. Recently, I’ve been working on a personal “curation” project, organizing and preserving my Grandfather’s extensive – and dusty — collection of autographs from the ‘40s.  😊

Do you prefer…

Coffee or tea? Tea

Cats or dogs? They’re both awesome, no preference!

Candy or cake? Cake

Salty or sweet? Salty

Print or digital books? Print! Only print!

Nonfiction or fiction? Fiction

Summer or winter? I love winter.

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