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Thieme MedOne ComSci

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month this April, we will look at a great recent addition to our collection that offers comprehensive audiology and speech-language pathology resources, including some excellent resources to support effective communication interventions for those working with children and adults on the autism spectrum: Thieme’s MedOne ComSci. This online platform combines comprehensive resources related to audiology, speech-language pathology, and communication sciences, hence the ComSci abbreviation. The dedicated database offers a variety of content, from books to videos, for this multidisciplinary field that plays an essential role in fostering human connection through communication.

MedOne ComSci Homepage & Customization Options

The ComSci content is all interconnected for ease of use. You can even create playlists of specific materials from book chapters to journal articles and share your curated material with a broader public or opt to keep it private. The MedOne ComSci Homepage also aggregates the most popular chapters, journal articles, and videos. If you prefer to design your own homepage, pin articles, and other items as favorites so that they appear under the My Homepage tab once you are signed in with a personal account. Creating a free account also lets you track your search history with the Last Viewed tab [Figure 1]. While downloading the videos is not an option, you can save them to your playlist. All the videos include a playback speed feature and some display subtitles of the conversational human interactions. Reviewing the textual material on a phone or tablet should be reasonably accessible with a font size adjuster, a PDF download option, and hyperlinks for authors’ names and the table of contents. [Figure 2]

Screenshot of the Thieme MedOne ComSci homepage. The homepage provides a search bar for finding specific content, browseable menus for exploring content by source, subject area, and media type, and quick access links to user features such as playlists and favorites.
Figure 1
Screenshot of MedOne ComSci pop-up screen titled 'What do you want to do?' offering options to add journal content to your start page, subscribe to alerts, add the selected journal issue to a playlist, and more customizable features.
Figure 2

Search Experience

A search for the term “autism” in MedOne ComSci will yield search results grouped by source, starting with Books (36 Books) followed by Cases (23 results), Images / Video / Audio (25 results), Journals (73 results), and PubMed (76,204). You can expand or collapse each of the source results for more straightforward search navigation. If you switch to sorting the results by date, all the source results are updated accordingly. With the Pubmed results at the bottom, you can widen your search beyond Thieme resources because this database ultimately focuses on highly specialized materials from a single publisher.

Screenshot of the search results page in MedOne ComSci with "autism" as an example search to demonstrate the filter options for search results, including filters for Books, Journals, Images/Videos/Audio, and more.
Figure 3

The MedOne App

With this App, you can easily read articles, access items in your playlists, and subscribe to public playlists. However, the App search experience was significantly slower than the web version so it may be best used as a non-primary method to access MedOne content.

Mobile app screenshot from the MedOne app displaying a playlist menu titled "Playlists" with options to download publicly available playlists created by the MedOne Team, publishers, and the MedOne user community.
Figure 4

Interested in exploring content in other subject areas?

MedOne’s multimedia platforms support learning for students, residents, and clinicians. Access ebooks, journals, videos, and more on the following MedOne platforms through Lane Library:

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