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Altmetric Explorer: Unveiling the Buzz

Have you ever wondered how your research is impacting the world beyond the scope of academic publishing? Look no further than Altmetric Explorer, a powerful tool that unveils the online “buzz” surrounding your scholarly work.

What is Altmetric Explorer?

Altmetric Explorer is a unique platform that goes beyond traditional citation metrics, revealing the broader reach and influence of your research. It accomplishes this by scouring the web for mentions of your research in diverse sources such as:

  • News articles and public media mentions
  • Policy documents and government reports
  • Social media posts and discussions
  • Blogs and online communities
  • Wikipedia entries and other online reference materials

By aggregating these diverse mentions, Altmetric Explorer provides a comprehensive picture of how your research is being discussed, shared, and utilized beyond the academic sphere. 

You can use Altmetric Explore to:

  • Promote Your Work: Are you looking to showcase the real-world impact of your research to funders, institutions, or the public? Altmetric Explorer provides compelling evidence of your work’s influence beyond scholarly citations. You can also compare your research impact with colleagues and competitors within your field.
  • Track Public Engagement: Gain insights into how your research is being used by policymakers, journalists, and the general public. Learn what platforms and outlets receive the most engagement. Altmetric Explorer’s real-time tracking helps you gauge sentiment and engagement beyond the academic community.
  • Understanding Research Trends: Stay on top of current trends in your field by analyzing the broader impact of influential research. Altmetric Explorer helps you identify emerging topics and key players in your area of study. You can find potential collaborators who are interested in your work and journals in your field that receive the most online attention.

Key Features of Altmetric Explore include:

  • Comprehensive & Multidimensional Metrics:  Dive into detailed metrics that capture the attention your research receives. Altmetric Explorer breaks down data into categories such as social media mentions, news coverage, and policy document references, giving you a nuanced understanding of your research’s reach.
  • Real-time Tracking: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments surrounding your work. Altmetric Explorer provides real-time data, allowing you to monitor how your research resonates with the global audience as it happens.
  • Filtering & Download Options: Refine your search by source, date, mentions type, and other parameters to focus on specific aspects of your research’s impact. Export data for further analysis and reporting.
  • Customizable alerts: Get notified when your research is mentioned in new sources.

Ready to unlock the potential of Altmetric Explorer?

Access Altmetric Explorer through Lane Library’s website using Lane Search. Create an account using your Stanford email to download data and create alerts. Remember, you can always reach out to your liaison librarian for help with Altmetric Explorer or any other library resources.

Lane Search now includes Altmetric Attention Scores!

You can see Altmetric data for articles in Lane Search when you are logged in to the website. Try searching for your articles or articles in your field of research to see altmetric attention scores and citations quickly in your Lane Search results. You can see more details by hovering and clicking on the altmetrics and citation badges in search. 

Screenshot of search result for an article showing Citations and Altmetric badges with the altmetric details displayed on hover
An article search result showing the Citations and Altmetric badges. Remember to login in the upper right corner of the website to see the Altmetric badge. You can hover over both badges for more information.

Give Altmetric Explorer a try or find Almetric data through Lane Search!

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