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Use Altmetric Explorer to Uncover New Ways to Measure your Impact

What is Altmetric Explorer? 

Do you know who is talking about your research online? Are you interested in measuring your research impact outside of citation metrics? If so, check out our new resource, Altmetric Explorer. 

You can use Altmetric Explorer to learn: 

  • Where engagement with research in your field is happening online
  • Who is talking about your research
  • Which journals are publishing research that receives the most online attention

Not only does Altmetric Explorer collect up to date information on mentions, it can also be used to describe your impact in a variety of ways: 

  • Academic impact: many people use citations and citation-based metrics as proxies for academic impact. Altmetric tracks Faculty Opinions and Publons. These online communities participate in post-publication peer review, which you can use to see how other experts in your field respond to your work. 
  • Global impact: In Altmetric Explorer, you’ll see heatmaps of global attention for news, Twitter, Facebook, and policy sources. This can help you identify where in the world people are discussing your research. 
  • Impact on innovation: Altmetric tracks mentions in patent applications. This can be really useful to see how your research is leading to new innovations!
  • Impact on policy: You can also see where your work is being cited in policy documents and guidelines, which can help you make the case that your research is influencing real-world changes. 
  • Impact on public discourse: Altmetric also tracks social media sources Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. It can be very interesting to see these diverse and far-reaching conversations about your work!

Access Altmetric Explorer

Visit Altmetric Explorer. First time users will need to create a free account using your Stanford email address. 

Helpful Tips from Altmetric Explorer: 

Are you working on a literature review? Use Altmetric Explorer to review the results of your comprehensive search and discover: 

  • Top journals, affiliations, and outputs within your research topic.
  • Recent news stories that mention papers retrieved by your search
  • Global attention, and more!

Would you like to learn more about increasing your impact? Register for our free virtual Research Impact Challenge. Altmetric Explorer will be featured in the event.

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