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Bring Your ORCID iD Back to Stanford

As you may know from adding publications, authorizing “Trusted Organizations” can make managing your ORCID record even easier as it allows organizations that you know to read and write information to your ORCID record.  How might this work in practice? Imagine if your Stanford Profile record could be sent to your ORCID record, or vice versa?  What if your affiliations were updated as you changed departments or roles?  These kinds of connections are what could be possible when you make the linkage between your SUNetID and your ORCID iD.

Visit https://authorize.stanford.edu today to set up the link with your ORCID iD.  We encourage you to select the option that allows Stanford to read and update your ORCID record in order to maximize the benefits of the linkage.  As always, please visit http://myorcid.stanford.edu/ to learn more about how the staff of Stanford Libraries are working together to assist you to claim your ORCID iD, add works to your record, share your record with the world, and link your research directly back to Stanford.

This post was originally authored by Ashley Jester, Assistant Director at Stanford’s Science & Engineering Libraries for the Stanford Libraries Blog.

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