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Do you have your ORCID iD?

In November 2020, the Academic Council approved a Stanford Open Access Policy that requires all members to obtain an ORCID and the libraries of Stanford University are here to help.  We are working together to assist you to claim your ORCID iD, add works to your record, share your record with the world, and link your research directly back to Stanford.

You can learn more about ORCID and how to register for your ORCID iD at our quick 30-minute pop-up workshop on April 30, at 10 AM PDT.  Get more details and register here: https://lanecal.stanford.edu/event/7744344

You can also join us on April 27 at 2 PM PDT for a tool Spotlight that will be focused on ORCIDs, hosted by the Open Science Reading Group co-organized by Stanford’s Lane Library and the UCSF Library.  Come to this informal chat to learn what an ORCID iD is, how you can make use of your ORCID iD in your research, and how sharing your ORCID record with the world can help to amplify your research impact.

This post was co-authored by Colleen Cuddy, Director of Research and Academic Collaboration at Lane Library, and Ashley Jester, Assistant Director at Stanford’s Science & Engineering Libraries.

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