Meet Your Lane Library Staff: Judy Washburn

Portrait of Judy Washburn, Serials Specialist

Every month, we are spotlighting an amazing member of our library staff. This month meet Judy Washburn, our Serials Specialist.

What do I do at Lane Library?

I catalog records of books or periodicals that are available to our users.  I add the URL so patrons can get the online copy of the title on their computer where ever they are located.  I also make it so anyone searching PubMed can click on the Lane box and get the article directly on their computer if we have licensed the title or if it is free.

I also troubleshoot for articles that patrons cannot find from clicking the Lane button or whatever button they click.

What do I like best about the people who use Lane Library?

I find the people who use the library very appreciative of the resources and the help they get from using the library.  We get many thanks for the help we give in troubleshooting online requests.  And when I talk to people who work for the School of Medicine or the hospital they all tell me how much they use the library and how it helps them greatly.

That is the favorite part of my job?

I love finding new titles to add to our catalog.  Most of these are open access titles.  I also like working on the change in title or new publishers that take place every January.  With nothing in print it is not always easy to catch all the changes when they happen. 

How long have I worked at Lane?

I have worked at Lane for 45 years.  When I started everything was in print.  Index Medicus send out a new issue each month and a cumulative volume once a year.  To find anything one used the card catalog.  We had no compact shelves.  The most recent issue of each journal was kept on a separate place at Lane alphabetically by title.  We had to clean up the material left on the desks and tables 4 times a day and we reshelved the journals all day long.  Everyone came into the library to find what they needed.  The only photocopy machine in the library was not for public use.  One left their request on a cart and it was copied at the end of the day.  There were phone booths in the library so patrons could answer pages.  It took years and lots of hard work to get all the material cataloged and added to the computer.

What do I do in my spare time?

I have to have a book that I am reading and some lined up to read when this one is done.  I also like to knit and sew.  I also work jigsaw puzzles either on the computer or on the table.  I like to talk to my outside plants to keep them happy.

Do you prefer…

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

Cats or dogs? CATS

Candy or cake? Candy

Salty or sweet? Salty

Print or digital books? Print

Nonfiction or fiction? Fiction

Summer or winter? Summer

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