Data Extraction 2.0 Now Available in Covidence

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Are you working on a systematic review? Streamline the process with Covidence, web-based software available through Lane Library. Covidence now includes Data Extraction 2.0, a more flexible and intuitive way of doing data extraction.

Covidence is an online tool for managing the systematic review process, including screening, data extraction, and quality assessment. Using Covidence leads to faster reviews, with an average 35% reduction in time spent per review. It’s also easy to collaborate with your review team and keep track of everyone’s contributions. If you are new to Covidence, check out their getting started guide.

Covidence recently launched Extraction 2.0, a redesigned and rebuilt version of data extraction based on feedback from the user community. In Extraction 2.0, you can build custom templates for data extraction and quality assessment that meet the needs of your review. To learn more about Extraction 2.0, watch the introduction video below:

Lane Medical Library has an institutional subscription to Covidence that provides access to an unlimited number of reviews. To join our subscription, use your current Stanford email address (,, or and follow these instructions.

For additional support using Covidence, search their knowledge base or contact support@ If you need help developing a search strategy for a systematic review, please complete a literature search intake form to get matched with one of our librarians.

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