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We are looking for people in the Stanford Medicine community to help us improve our website and web presence.

Your feedback is essential to ensuring that our website is user friendly! Please sign up to share your thoughts by participating in:

  • Surveys: We will occasionally send you brief surveys (5-10 minutes) about specific features and areas of our website. We may ask you to sort pages, share feedback on terminology, or tell us where you would look for certain types of information.
  • Usability Tests over Zoom: When we are building a new feature on our website or experimenting with new display options, we will ask you to participate in a 15-20 minute Zoom call. During the call, we will ask you to complete a task on our website while talking us through your thought process. We will be testing our website, not you!

By completing the form, you are agreeing to be contacted when we are conducting user experience research. Thanks for your help!

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