Meet Your Lane Library Staff: Heida Earnest

Portrait of Heida Earnest, Metadata Management Specialist with text: "Every week this October, meet the people who make the Library work!"

For National Medical Librarians Month, we are spotlighting a few of the amazing members of our library staff. This week meet Heida Earnest, our Metadata Management Specialist.

What do you do at the library?

I catalog serials, periodicals, and Medical Grand Rounds.  I am also the liaison to the Spiritual Care Department and the Palliative Care Department.

What do you like best about the people who use Lane Library?

They are grateful for the resources we provide them with and appreciate Lane Library’s space to come and study.

What is the most rewarding (or favorite) part of your job?

It gives me the most satisfaction when I can provide a much-needed journal article to someone in one of my liaison departments.  I also enjoy teaching my co-worker, Sonam Soni, how to catalog periodicals!

What do you do in your spare time?

Before COVID, I enjoyed going to the public library and perusing the collection for print books and Books on Tape.  I also liked hunting for coffee table-type books at their book sales.

I have enjoyed volunteering in the hospital for the Spiritual Care Department before COVID.

Since COVID, I enjoy puttering in my yard, pruning my rose bushes, and making wreaths from different types of fabric.

Do you prefer…

Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning and (jasmine) tea in the evening.

Cats or dogs? Cats, in particular Havana Browns, but I like dogs, too, especially German Shorthaired Pointers.

Candy or cake? Candy .. especially if it’s from Sees!

Salty or sweet? Salty … Thea’s homemade nut mix is the best!

Print or digital books? I like digital books if I want to obtain information quickly.  But, if it is for enjoyment, then I like to read print.

Nonfiction or fiction? Nonfiction

Summer or winter? Summer—I enjoy the long evenings so much!

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  1. If you ever need anything from Heida, she will go the extra mile for you. She is the most conscientious person I know. She also happens to love her work.

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