Open Science Tool to Publish Protocols

protocolsio logo is an open science tool that allows you to easily create, run, and publish protocols for your research.

The platform is useful for many different research disciplines and types of research.
Stanford users have access to premium accounts and can create unlimited private protocols.

Why use

Sharing and publishing protocols can help other researchers use and build upon your methods. Published protocols can even be referenced in journal articles, which helps to increase the transparency and reproducibility of your work (and may increase your citations!).

Create detailed, step-by-step protocols.

You can add information about equipment, reagents, software, code, and more. You can also add images, links, and videos to clearly describe each step of the protocol.  Take a look at this example protocol.

Connections to multiple cloud content management platforms. has connections to Dropbox, One Drive, and Box so it is easy to access all of your files and materials.

Run your protocol as a checklist on your phone or laptop.

If you make a change during a particular run of an experiment, you can keep a record on of the changes you made without changing the original protocol. You can easily attach notes and files to a recorded run.

Connect your published protocol to your publications.

When you publish a protocol, it receives a DOI and it is archived with CLOCKSS. is integrated with ORCID, so you will need to create an ORCID ID or link to your existing ORCID ID to sign up for your account.

Here is an interesting public protocol that highlights some of the important features of

Feel free to contact your liaison librarian with any questions about using or setting up an ORCID ID.

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