John Manages the Research and Instruction Team

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As the manager, John Borghi coordinates Lane’s Research and Instruction (R&I) team. The R&I team is central to the Lane’s education and outreach activities and provides wide range of research-related services to the Stanford Medicine Community.

As part of Lane’s liaison program, which delegates individual librarians to specific departments within Stanford Medicine, R&I team members provide in-depth consultations related to information management tools and strategies.

The most popular service currently offered by the team is the Literature Review Service, where team members partner with Stanford researchers to build and refine search strategies for any type of literature review or project.

Team members also develop and present regular and on-demand instruction sessions on topics ranging from the use of library tools and databases to the management and sharing of research data.

John points out, “If you have questions about conducting a literature search or managing and sharing your research data, the Research and Instruction team is here to help!”

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