Two Books in Health Services Research

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Lane gratefully received Health Disparities in the United States and Introduction to US Health Policy as gifts from the author, Donald A. Barr, Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University.

Health disparities in the United States

The health care system in the United States has been called the best in the world. Yet wide health disparities persist between different social groups, and many Americans suffer from poorer health than people in other developed countries. Donald A. Barr’s Health Disparities in the United States explores how socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity interact with socioeconomic inequality to create and perpetuate these health disparities.

— From publisher’s summary

The newer edition of this book will be published in September 2019.

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Introduction to US health policy

Donald A. Barr reviews the current structure of the American health care system, describing the historical and political contexts in which it developed and the core policy issues that continue to confront us today. Barr’s comprehensive analysis explores the various organizations and institutions that make the US health care system work–or fail to work. He describes in detail the paradox of US health care–simultaneously the best in the world and one of the worst among developed countries–while introducing readers to broad cultural issues surrounding health care policy, such as access, affordability, and quality. Barr also discusses specific elements of US health care with depth and nuance, including insurance, especially Medicare and Medicaid. He scrutinizes the shift to for-profit managed care while analyzing the pharmaceutical industry, issues surrounding long-term care, the plight of the uninsured, the prevalence of medical errors, and the troublesome issue of nursing shortages.The thoroughly updated edition of this widely adopted text focuses on the Affordable Care Act. It explains the steps taken to carry out the Act, the changes to the Act based on recent Supreme Court decisions, the success of the Act in achieving the combined goals of improved access to care and constraining the costs of care, and the continuing political controversy regarding its future. Drawing on an extensive range of resources, including government reports, scholarly publications, and analyses from a range of private organizations, Introduction to US Health Policy provides scholars, policymakers, and health care providers with a comprehensive platform of ideas that is key to understanding and influencing the changes in the US health care system.

— From publisher’s summary

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