Need a survey or test?

If you want to:
Use a test or survey
– Develop your own test
– Look at how a particular topic is studied
– Find tests relevant to a systematic review or grant proposal
start with these 3 databases available through Lane Library.

If you don’t find the test you need, or you find too much, contact your Lane Library Liaison or use AskUs on Lane webpages.

PsycTESTS, a database of over 55,000 records from the APA, provides access to the actual psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments as well as descriptive information about the test and its development and administration. This collection of testing literature is created from journals, books and handbooks, dissertations, websites, the Archives of the History of American Psychology Test Collection, and commercial test publishers. It includes developmental, personality, intelligence, military, and more from 1896 to Present. Most entries in the database have the full test, but not all.

HaPI, Health & Psychosocial Instruments provides access to information on measurement instruments in health, psychosocial science, organizational behavior, and library and information sciences. Unlike PsycTESTS, it does not provide access to the tests themselves, but includes citations to tests in published and unpublished materials.

Mental Measurements Yearbook includes professional reviews of commercially available, English language tests for informed test selection. It does not provide the actual test, but provides reviews and references essential for a complete evaluation of test products.

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