screenshot of anatomical model a female with half of her face showing underlying anatomical structures

Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy (CA) is a powerful, highly detailed anatomy visualization platform available via mobile, tablet, and laptop. Used by Stanford Medical Students as an anatomical learning aid, CA provides 3D models of human anatomy available as female and male, allowing for contrasting different anatomies between sexes. Like a “virtual” dissection lab, layers can be removed and anatomical structures — musculoskeletal, neurovascular, digestive, urogenital, and respiratory systems – can be explored.

Key Features Include:


The CA Atlas includes over 700 pre-set anatomical dissections, e.g., Nerves of the Temporal Fossa (Fig 1)

screenshot of the Nerves of Temporal Fossa in Complete Anatomy
Fig 1


Animated videos of a wide range of topics related to fitness (e.g., weight lifting, Fig 2), ophthalmology, orthopedics, and cardiology. (Fig 3)

Screenshot from weight lifting video of anatomical model lifting dumbbells while laying on reclined bench
Fig 2
anatomical model of the heart
Fig 3

3D Models

Highly detailed anatomical models that can be “virtually” dissected/rebuilt by removing/adding “layers” (Fig 4) and/or dissecting with “cutting” tools. (Fig 5)

Anatomical objects can be rotated and zoomed in/out, with the images being downloadable. Using the CA mobile app’s Augmented Reality feature, images can be projected via a phone or tablet’s camera onto a flat surface. (Fig 6)

screenshot of joint with a removed layer in green
Fig 4
screenshot of a joint with dissected layer in green
Fig 5
model of heart and lung on a table with a window in the background demonstrating the augmented reality feature of complete anatomy
Fig 6

Be sure to explore the amazing richness of this virtual anatomy visualization tool by visiting our Mobile Apps page for instructions on installation and activation.

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