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Updates to Lane Search

We recently made some changes to Lane Search – the main search on our library website. Lane Search is the best way for you to access all of the information Lane Library has to offer including journals, books, databases, articles, and more. Based on usage data and user research, we updated some of the features and functionality of Lane Search to make it easier for you to discover all that Lane Library has to offer.

New Feature: Exact Match

  • If your search terms closely match the title of a search result like an article, journal, or book title, you’ll see that result first with the “Exact Match” notification. This makes it easier to quickly find the specific resource you are coming to Lane Search to find.

Filter Changes:

  • We reordered our filter options, so the filters that are used most often are at the top for easy access. We also removed filters that we rarely used such as author and language filters to prioritize frequently used filter options.
  • We added a search component to our filters that include many potential options. The four options with the most results will be displayed as default filtering options. You can search for additional filtering options using the search bar associated with each filter. See our Search Help page for more information about filter options.
  • We updated the date filter so you can easily enter a date range for your search results.

Search Results Changes:

  • We added a three-dots action menu to the upper right corner of each search result. In this menu, you can find information about where the result is coming from (Lane Catalog, PubMed, SearchWorks, etc.), an option to “Get a Sharable Link” to return to the search result, and additional information like journal impact factor for journal results.
  • For article results, you’ll see a “Digital Access Option” which will include direct links to PDFs when available as well as other access options.

Try using Lane Search to explore these changes! If you have questions or feedback about Lane Search, please reach out to Amanda Woodward at

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