MedOne Education on three different devices: desktop, tablet, and smartphone

Learn with MedOne Education

Thieme’s MedOne Education platform provides access to a collection of fully downloadable medical textbooks covering the core subject areas in the medical school curriculum such as:

Use the MedOne Questions and Answers function to create custom review sessions and practice exams and assess your knowledge. 

Access books and content through your browser or download books to your mobile device for off-line use. To use MedOne Education from your mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Access MedOne Education from a browser on your computer
  2. Select “Questions and Answers” 
  3. Select “Set up Access from Home” and select “Create Home Access”
  4. Submit registration information
  5. Locate the activation email from Thieme and click the link to activate access 
  6. Find MedOne in your mobile device’s app store, download the app 
  7. Use the login credentials you created to log in
  8. Create a playlist, download books, and more on your mobile device!

Interested in exploring content in other subject areas? MedOne’s multimedia platforms support learning for students, residents, and experienced clinicians. Access ebooks, journals, videos, and more on the following MedOne platforms through Lane Library: 

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