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It’s National Medical Librarians Month – Learn More About Our … Publishing and Research Impact Services

“Where can I publish, and how do I get started?”
“I want to increase the impact and visibility of my research; what can I do?”
“How can I identify highly cited or hot papers, leading researchers, and potential collaborators?”

We Offer           

And our librarians can help with       

  • ORCID iDs and other unique author identifiers (e.g., Google Scholar, Scopus ID)
  • Persistent identifiers for research outputs and organizations (e.g., DOI)
  • Tools and techniques for identifying key journals in specific research areas
  • Alternate publishing options (e.g., open access journals and preprint servers)
  • Strategies for tracking and measuring research impact of journals, articles, authors, and groups

Don’t forget to check out this year’s Research Impact Challenge for many tips and tricks:

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