Go beyond PubMed for Research on Nutrition and Food Science!

Natural Medicines Database
  • Unbiased, evidence based database
  • Look up interactions between supplements, prescription, and over-the-counter medications
  • Clinically relevant and evidence backed dosing information for specific conditions
  • Evidence based data on efficacy and safety
  • Patient education handouts in multiple languages to share with your patients
  • Try Natural Medicines here.
CAB Abstracts and Global Health
  • Excellent coverage of research literature in nutrition, food science, and public health
  • CAB Abstracts – bibliographic database covering over 8,000 journals, books and conference proceedings. It includes all aspects of applied life sciences research
  • Global Health – international database covering over 7,300 journals, reports, and conferences, particularly strong in public health policy
  • These databases allow searchers to sort search results showing the most-cited articles first (click Times Cited after running a search)
  • Part of Web of Science which provides an amazing array of databases. Click Select a Database to see the complete listing

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