Use UpToDate MobileComplete

  • Good Wi-Fi access is required for initial UpToDate MobileComplete download and full content updates
  • Supported devices: iPhone (iOS7+), iPad (iOS7+), Android 4.0, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 tablets
  • UpToDate’s FAQ for Mobile

Existing UpToDate Users

Default UpToDate Mobile Screenshot

  • Log into the app on a mobile device with existing UpToDate account.
  • If already Logged In, tap your name at the top to Log Out, then Log back In.

Note: The absence of the ‘Offline Content’ option can appear when users are offline.

New Users (no UpToDate account)

  • On the Stanford network, Go to UpToDate, click “Register.”
  • Download the app, sign in with a good WiFi connection, and download content.
  • Click Offline Content on the home screen in the UptoDate mobile app.

MobileComplete Enabled for Stanford

Mobile UpToDate Screenshot Offline Set UpMobile UpToDate Screenshot Offline On

  • Tap “Offline Content Set up.”
  • No Offline Content is “On” by default.

Download Complete

Initial Download Complete Screenshot

  • Initial download of Topics and Graphics is complete.
  • The content will update automatically while connected to WiFi. It takes ~ 8min, but could take longer depending on your network.