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Improve your anatomy skills virtually using Complete Anatomy, a mobile, and desktop app that provides 3D modeling of body systems. Learn more about the app’s features and how to access it through Lane Library.


  • Interact with over 17,000 models including the gross anatomy model, micro models, cell biology, muscle movements, bone mapping, innervation, artery supply, and more.
  • Models allow you to add layers and explore physiological features and range of motion
  • Compare models side-by-side with radiology images
  • Use app tools to cut, label and simulate growths and bone spurs
  • Access over 1,500 recordings created by anatomy experts and test your knowledge with detailed quizzes
  • You can also create content to share with your class or study group

Download the App:

  1. Download the Complete Anatomy app for your device. Supported devices include  iPad, Mac or Windows 10, iPhone, or Android.
  2. Complete the in-app registration process using your,, or email address.
  3. In the app, choose Settings > My Account > Redeem Code to enter the activation code based on your status:
    • Student activation code: QWV15OB2CNKX
    • Educator activation code: Y664V765Z9F9
    • Profesional activation code: L1OGVR16TJ0R

Activation codes can only be redeemed once per account. Once redeemed, your License Details will populate to the right in your My Account page within the app. Codes are active until August 2021. For more information about current codes and access see the Lane Library website.

You can download Complete Anatomy on all supported devices, however, you can only login in on a maximum of two devices at a time.

Tutorials & Learning Resources:

For Everyone:

  • Getting Started: a list of tips and tricks for Complete Anatomy including a tutorial on learning the basics in seconds
  • Tutorials: read tutorials with illustrative screenshots to learn how to effectively use Complete Anatomy
  • Webinars: view previous talks by the audience and sign up for future webinars
  • Help Center: get answers to frequently asked questions

For Students:

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