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With July 2018 the shutdown of the National Guideline Clearinghouse, NGC, users are without an easy to use resource with strict inclusion criteria and quality assessments. To help fill the vacuum, the ECRI Institute is building the ECRI Guidelines Trust as a reliable repository of graded clinical practice guidelines.

Their 471 guidelines, available via free registration and login, by ECRI include added briefs and quality scorecards. Though a bit thin in terms of coverage and technical support now, this rapidly growing resource promises to be a robust and stringently curated replacement for the NGC.


  • Users must register and login. Fields including full names, organizations, departments, roles, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers are required.
  • ECRI suggests using Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or Chrome. Firefox is currently not being supported.


  • Concise summaries of guidelines based on systematic reviews of evidence
  • Current, evidence-based guidance from key medical societies and organizations
  • New scorecards showing guideline quality in terms of IOM standards

ECRI, the prime contractor for the NGC for the past 20 years, is rebuilding and enhancing rather than simply migrating data from the NGC. Other guideline-focused databases do not provide the strict curation, concise summaries and grading provided by ECRI. Give it a try.

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