Changes to Kanopy Access


Stanford Libraries announced the “Changes to Kanopy Streaming Service” effective December 15. Due to the cost model Kanopy uses, Stanford Libraries, as well as several other academic libraries, are adjusting their access plans.

Please click here for the announcement from Stanford Libraries.

Summary of Stanford’s changes to Kanopy

  • Beginning Winter Quarter 2019, the Libraries will subscribe to a selection of the most-viewed films, such as those from Criterion, Janus, and A24.
  • The Libraries will continue to accept faculty requests for film and video content assigned in courses.
  • The Libraries will accept course-related requests from faculty through the course reserves system.  In making the request, faculty should indicate in their request that they prefer a video/film title in a streamed form. The Libraries will attempt to honor all such requests.
  • All Kanopy titles available to the Stanford community will be discoverable through SearchWorks. Simply search for the title of interest and follow the link provided in the catalog record to view the streaming content.
  • General, non-course-related requests for titles discovered on the Kanopy website (not in SearchWorks) will not be acquired through subscriptions to streamed formats. Instead, the Libraries will refer the requester to the DVD and Blu-ray holdings in the Media & Microtext Center of Green Library.
  • For a limited time period, many Kanopy titles will continue to be available until their annual licenses run out over the course of 2019.

For a complete list of streaming film/video vendors accessible to the Stanford community, please refer to the Library’s Streaming Media Page.

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