Critical Appraisal Tools and More from JAMA: 30 Day Trial of JAMAevidence

JAMAevidence trial November 1-30
Trial dates: November 1-30, 2018. We are gathering feedback during trial period via our two-minute survey.

Lane Medical Library has begun a trial of JAMAevidence, an instructional resource from the AMA that provides tools and guides for learning about and teaching the essentials of evidence-based medicine.JAMAevidence provides guides to the systematic consideration of validity, importance, and applicability of potential treatments and their outcomes. It consists of three textbooks, education guides, and learning tools for critical appraisal.

JAMAevidence textbooks:

Additional resources in JAMAevidence:

  • Education Guides collection provides EBM-focused slide sets for teaching and learning core concepts.
  • Critical Appraisal Worksheets allow one to synthesize information from EBM readings.
  • My Access Account allows users fast access to their recently reviewed content

Your feedback is key to the decision regarding a subscription to JAMAevidence!

Please respond to our 3-question survey

Or, send email to:

A three-minute video tour of JAMAevidence Site

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