Learn How to Do a Systematic Review: TRIAL ENDS May 17th

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This interactive learning module curriculum could become part of a flipped classroom opportunity for all members of the Stanford Medicine community interested in working on a systematic review. This is a new resource from Cochrane and we appreciate your time and feedback.

Here is how to log in to Cochrane Interactive Learning:

1. Type Cochrane Interactive Learning into the Lane + search bar. Click on the Cochrane
Interactive Learning link.
2. Click on NEW USERS AND SUBSCRIBERS at midpage.
3. Click on Create a Cochrane account.
4. Fill out Cochrane Account information.
5. Open your email.
6. Open the email from Cochrane and select the link that guides you to choose a password and activate your account.
7. Create your password and activate your account.
8. Repeat step 1 and click on Cochrane Interactive Learning.
9. Click on Log in and Start Module under Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews.
10. You should see this message.
11. Accept terms and conditions and register for Cochrane Interactive Learning.
12. You should now be able to complete all modules.

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