How the Immune System Works

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Lane has purchased an ebook of the latest (5th) edition of the popular How the Immune System Works by Lauren M. Sompayrac.

Recommended for students and anyone who requires a refresher in immunology.

Lane also has the print copy and all previous editions.

Dr. Sompayrac cuts through the jargon and details to reveal, in simple language, the essence of this complex subject. In fifteen easy-to-read chapters, featuring the humorous style and engaging analogies … Rigorously updated for this fifth edition … includes the latest information on subjects such as vaccines, the immunology of AIDS, and cancer. A highlight of this edition is a new chapter on the intestinal immune system – currently one of the hottest topics in immunology.
— Publisher’s description

Please bear in mind that the publisher has allowed only up to 3 simultaneous users for this title, so when you are finished reading, close the window of your browser to free “a copy” for another person.

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