Explore Virtual Reality with Our New Mobile VR Kit

Lane Cow wearing the VR goggles
VR has arrived at Lane Medical Library!
Mobile VR is one of the most accessible forms of VR currently available. When used in conjunction with a headset, most modern smartphones are capable of supporting at least a basic semi-immersive 360° experience, with many modern smartphones running operating systems that are compatible with more immersive VR experiences. Lane just added a Mobile VR Kit complete with headset, iPod Touch, and Bluetooth headphones to our list of items that are available for check out.

Explore the possibilities and dream of the many ways you can incorporate VR, AR, and 360° into your work, teaching, learning, or home life.

Ask at the service desk to learn more, and keep an eye out for more exciting news about VR at Lane!

2 comments on “Explore Virtual Reality with Our New Mobile VR Kit”

  1. I am interested in setting up a VR demo for 25 community college premeds who will be on campus from June 25 – August 1. I understand an interactive experience was offered for admit weekend and would like to do something similar for our visiting scholars. Please let me know if this is possible.

    1. Hi Marcella, I’ll send you an email. I’d be happy to schedule a demo for the community college premeds while they’re on campus.

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