Palliative care for older people: A public health perspective

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Palliative care for older people: A public health perspective also provides an international perspective as the authors and editors come mostly from The Netherlands.The 26 chapters in this e-book cover all manner of challenges affecting patients and care-givers as well as examination of possible public policy solutions.

Recommended for anyone who works with elderly and/or terminal patients, from clinicians to nurses to chaplains.

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From the introduction

Populations around the world are ageing rapidly; a growing number of people will live to older ages, will experience multiple and complex chronic conditions, and will need some form of care towards the end of their lives. The ageing of society is becoming a major public health issue, posing challenges to social and health care structures in many countries. This book demonstrates the added value of palliative care which, although traditionally focused on cancer and the very end of life, can play a role in strengthening and complementing the care of older people. The book outlines the current state of worldwide policy work, research, and innovations in the field of public health and palliative care for older people and concludes with recommendations for policy and decision makers, at international and national level, to support integrating palliative care widely into health care systems in order to improve access to and quality of palliative care for older people.

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