Saving Lives

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Saving Lives: Why the Media’s Portrayal of Nursing Puts Us All at Risk
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From the publisher’s abstract: since the late 1990s, the world has suffered from a deadly nursing shortage. Many nursing positions have been unfilled or not funded, while less skilled technicians have been assigned nursing tasks. A key element underlying the shortage is poor public understanding of what nurses really do. That ignorance undermines nurses’ claims to adequate staffing, nursing faculty, and other resources, particularly in the current era of drastic cost-cutting.

This book explores what the public is told about nurses, focusing on the most universal source of information: the media. It first explains what nursing is and the profession’s difficult current situation. Then it discusses why the media image of the profession is so important. … [I]t offers a wide range of ideas about how everyone, particularly nurses, can improve public understanding of the profession. Because the nursing shortage threatens the world’s health systems, it is no exaggeration to say that our future depends on a better understanding of nursing.

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