Sanford Guides Mobile App now available

Two mobile devices showing Sanford Guide mobile screenshot and icons for Apple and Android devices

Now we have all three Sanford Guides in one mobile app:
• Antimicrobial Therapy
• Hepatitis Therapy
• HIV/AIDS Therapy
FREE OF CHARGE: Download and Install

Requirements: iOS8.0 , Android4.0 , or Windows 10.

To register

Sanford Guides requires you go through the online purchase form. You do not have to pay anything and will not have to provide any payment information. You must perform the following from within a Stanford University network:

• Fill in your first/last name/e-mail address (IMPORTANT: Double check your e-mail address)
• Click the “Get Discount” button
• Register, including address and phone (OK to use your work info)
• Select a password that is NOT the same as your SUNet ID (SUNet ID is not linked to this product)
• Select the Sanford Guide Collection, put it in your shopping cart (You may see a cryptic error message about the number of orders in your cart. Ignore it. Click through to your shopping cart)
• After you complete the “purchase” you will receive 2 e-mail messages: order confirmation and instructions for how to proceed

You must download the app on your mobile device. Go to the App store or Google Play App using the device on which you wish to install this app (do not use a web browser on your mobile device, please use the retail app). When you download the app, please search for “Sanford Guide Collection” (those exact words) then the correct app will come up in your search results. It should have a red and not a green icon.

If you experience any difficulties please contact us.

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  1. Is this still available? When I try to log in from my phone, it says my subscription has expired. I tried to go through the steps again on the website, but there is no button for “Get Discount.”

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