Altmetric Top 100 Articles of 2016


Altmetrics, an alternative to impact factor and traditional ranking to evaluate journals, has published its list of top 100 articles of 2016, ranked based on “conversations” about the article in social media (Twitter, FaceBook, etc.), news, YouTube, as well as post-publication reviews.

Looking over this list you will find that 15 out of the top 20 articles cover medicine or medically related research. Most striking, the actor/comedian Robin Williams suffered from Lewy Body Dementia, a diagnosis that forensic pathologists made after his death. And not surprisingly, the top article for 2016 was President Obama’s United States Health Care Reform : Progress to Date and Next Steps appearing in JAMA. Occupying the number 2 spot on this list Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US should be worth reading as well.

The Altmetrics “donut” (illustrated above) provides a color-coded “at a glance” picture showing in what sort of media a given mention of the article appeared, in addition to the total conversations given in the center. Click on the donut in Altmetrics for a given article (or the one above) to see the break-down of how many mentions in which category.

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