NEW!! Videos for Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine



Watch a master therapist working with a patient, see different modalities and diagnoses in real time, and learn about the background of various theories, thanks to videos. Stanford Libraries has subscribed to these videos via Kanopy, a video-streaming service, and Lane staff cataloged these psychotherapy titles for easy access using Lane Search. You can also browse the entire list of videos by visiting the Psychiatry Portal or by searching for Kanopy in Lane Search.

To locate a video using Lane Search: type in your search term, click on the “Search” button, then limit to videos by clicking on the filter to the left of the results.


Here are a few examples:

Viewing from home

The speed and reliability of your internet/wifi connection will affect the quality of the videos. For PC users Chrome version 47 and Firefox version 43 works well. For Mac users we have determined that using the latest version of FireFox running on a MacBook Pro with OS X Yosemite works best.

— Post by Marilyn Tinsley and Steven Dunlap, Lane Search graphic by Olya Gary.

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