Study for your boards while you commute with Audio Digest

Tired of playing “license plate” with yourself or counting how many feet you move each minute while you’re stuck in traffic?

You can listen to professional development audio recordings in your car or on the train on the way to and from work. It’s easy to check out an Audio-Digest CD-ROM in your specialty from the Lane Medical Library for 7 days.  Audio-Digest is available for download too. The downloadable MP3s might be an even more convenient option because you can listen to the content to your mobile devices, no CD player required. To access online or download the recordings:

  1. Log in to Lane Library
  2. Obtain the login and password for Audio-Digest (link brings you to a page listing the passwords, SUNet ID required)
  3. Click on the link for Audio-Digest (same web page as step 2 above)
  4. On the Audio-Digest home page click on the “sign in” link (see illustration below)
  5. Enter the login and password.
  6. You can download the audio files in MP3 format.
  7. You can use iTunes or another MP3 player to listen to these recordings on a mobile device.


Select your specialty, then you can make productive use of all that time you spend in traffic. Or maybe listen to one while you drive to your Medical Board Exams? Lane subscribes to 13 specialties, 26 to 48 issues per year.

All Audio-Digest programs can be used for credit or contact hours by physicians, physician-assistants, and nurses. As well, particular Audio-Digest programs can be used for credit or contact hours by certified registered nurse anesthetists, psychologists, optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, and registered dietitians or dietetic technicians, registered.

Click here for the Audio-Digest CME/CE page then click on your specialty for more information.

The California Medical Association took over Audio-Digest in 1952, turning it into the Audio-Digest Foundation. The recordings come from over 150 teaching institutions.

For more than six decades, Audio-Digest has been relied on by physicians and other healthcare professionals throughout the country (and the world) as the authoritative source for timely recordings of the best talks on significant topics in their specialties, as presented at the latest medical meetings and conferences…


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