New books from Clinical Key

We have purchased new e-books on Elsevier’s Clinical Key Collection :

Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
Juan A. Asensio
Noted experts who are practicing academic trauma surgeons author the chapters and address controversies in an objective manner. Evidence-based guidelines are presented and discussed as are best practice recommendations based on years of busy clinical and operative experience. … New chapters in this edition address areas of growing importance including triage in civilian as well as military facilities, vascular injuries, difficult and complex injuries, recent lessons learned from the care of combat casualties, brain death, and organ donation.   — Forward
Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia
Andrew E. Budson
written for generalists and specialists, students and experienced clinicians, whether their degrees are in medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, or the therapies. … a wealth of up-to-date information regarding the latest diagnostic criteria, tools, and treatments for their patients with memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia.  — Preface
Basic, Advanced, and Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery
Tommaso Falcone
This book further enhances the visual experience by including videos of the procedures in addition to static color images. The book has chapters that demonstrate the most important basic concepts of laparoscopy such as anatomy, instrumentation, and principles of laparoscopic suturing. …  It is our hope that this book and accompanying videos will facilitate the attainment of the knowledge and skills required to perform these procedures because the patients will ultimately reap the rewards of a minimally invasive surgical approach.— Preface

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