New editions of most-used electronic books

We have purchased new editions of some of our most heavily used e-books in the Ovid E-book Collection:

Berek & Hacker’s Gynocologic Oncology.
Jonathan S. Berek and Neville F. Hacker
The lead editor, Jonathan S. Berek, serves as the chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology here at SOM.
… [T]he role of the gynecologic oncologist has evolved into that of the leader of a large multidisciplinary team.
Oncology Nursing Drug Handbook 2015.
Gail M. Wilkes and Margaret Barton-Burke
This is one of the most recently published of these new editions. Knowledge of the drugs used in cancer care is critical for today’s practicing nurse. … Today, as the science of cancer treatment is rapidly exploding, it is imperative to keep current with new, emerging therapies. — Preface
Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics.
Esther K. Chung
… [L]arger and richer than the second edition, with trusted distinguishing characteristics and associated findings as ever with each illustration and now the added ICD-10 codes and interactive e-book embellishment … — Forward
The Only EKG Book You’ll Ever Need
Malcolm S. Thaler.
This book is about learning. It’s about keeping simple things simple and complicated things clear, concise and, yes, simple, too. It’s about getting from here to there without scaring you to death, boring you to tears, or intimidating your socks off. It’s about turning ignorance into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, and all with a bit of fun. — Preface.
Sternberg’s Diagnostic Surgical Pathology.
Stacey E. Mills, Lead Editor
Very difficult cases, those readily recognizable as problem cases, are in a sense less troublesome, as the need for a diagnostic consultation is self-evident. Therefore, knowing when and what one doesn’t know is of singular importance.– Preface.
Handbook of Fractures.
Kenneth A. Egol, Kenneth J. Koval, Joseph D. Zuckerman
What began as handouts for our fracture conferences has evolved into one of the most widely utilized textbooks in orthopaedic surgery. … [W]e have tried to keep the “Fracture Manual” true to its roots as a comprehensive, useful guide for the management of patients with fractures and associated injuries. — Preface.


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