Videos of Laboratory best practices

[updated with improved access instructions May 18, 2015]

Would you like to view a video of Functional Human Liver Preservation and Recovery by Means of Subnormothermic Machine Perfusion? How about Genetic Barcoding with Fluorescent Proteins for Multiplexed Applications? You have access to these videos and many more to see step by step lab work in

Lane Medical Library provides access to these videos through a paid subscription to JoVE, (the Journal of Visualized Experiments). Using the links above you will see prompts to log-in using your Stanford issued credentials.

You may also view JoVE videos by means of a free registration from a “” e-mail address. Go to then log in or click on the link to create a new account.

Then you can view videos of laboratory best practices from anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser.

You can search for videos based on key words then narrow your search by date, the broad topics or by institution. For example, you can examine a list of videos of experiments performed by Stanford scientists in the last year which relate to (contain the keywords) neural cells here:

The “persistent” linking to specific videos allows you to e-mail a link you copy and paste from your browser.

You can read an article containing citation, abstract, references and a transcript of the video as well as a materials list either on the page or download them in PDF.

JoVE screen shot

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