Tech Tip Tuesday: 5 Facts About Lane’s My Bookmarks

Did you know that Lane Medical Library has its own bookmarking tool?

Here are 5 facts about this great but little-known tool:

  1. You can start using Lane’s bookmarking tool by logging in to Lane’s homepage.
  2. You can bookmark any of the links on our page, including search results.Instructions on how to bookmark on the Lane website
  3. You can drag the “Lane Library Bookmark” button on this page to your browser’s bookmarks or toolbar and bookmark any site on the web in your Lane bookmarks.
  4. Your bookmarks are conveniently located wherever you are. Just log in to Lane’s homepage and click on the My Bookmarks link.
    Screenshot showing "My Bookmarks" link
  5. You can customize the titles of your bookmarks by clicking the box next to the article and clicking the “edit” button.Edit_Bookmark

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