Lane Medical Library is Celebrating!

This year Lane Medical Library proudly celebrates 20 years on the World Wide Web!

Back in 1994 when Lane made its online debut, the Web was very different from the dynamic, information dense, social platform it is today. The Web itself was only 5 years old, the new Mosaic browser was making the Web a more viable means of communication, Yahoo! was launched by Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo as a simple directory of websites they liked, and Google founders (and Stanford alumni) Sergey Brin and Larry Page had not even met yet and it would be another 4 years before they would go on to publish their seminal paper on “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.” At its inception, Lane’s first foray into the World Wide Web was a homepage consisting of a modest list of links to a handful of databases, trusted resources, and digital versions of some of Lane’s informational handouts. Throughout the years, Lane’s website has evolved from this initial modest homepage that debuted 20 years ago to the robust information resource it is today.

Lane Website Circa 1997

Here is the earliest archived version of Lane’s website. Click the image to explore the Wayback Machine’s archival copy of Lane’s homepage as it appeared in 1997.

Although the technology has evolved and the number of online resources has increased dramatically, one thing has remained constant – our desire to meet the needs of the Stanford Medicine community. From day one, our website was designed with you in mind. Even in its earliest iteration, Lane Library’s website introduced a feedback mechanism to allow the Stanford Medicine community to tell us how our website could better serve you, and 20 years later, we still love hearing your feedback!

It is through feedback from the Stanford Medicine community that we have been able to build and introduce new tools, like our new “Image Search” tool that searches multiple image databases and categorizes the resulting images based on the license/reuse rights associated with the images. You told us you were interested in finding images to aid in the development of your non-commercial academic courseware in the biosciences, and we listened!

Thank you for helping Lane Medical Library’s home on the Web change and grow with the Stanford Medicine community these last 20 years! We can’t wait to see where our next 20 years lead us!

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